Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Karen is passionate about the growth of Hoggett Bowers and the differentiation of the brand through the strength of our relationships, empathy and warmth of our team and delivery of results.

Karen drives the Hoggett Bowers vision and strategy by being very client facing herself. Her key areas of specialism are in CEO and CFO as well as NED appointments.

Karen, whose earlier background as a Qualified Accountant saw her working in Engineering, Consumer and Pharmaceuticals, joined Hoggett Bowers in 1994, she was appointed CEO in 2006.

When talking about the business she says at Hoggett Bowers we help ‘shape the future’ in finding the person who is going to make the biggest contribution to the business of each client for whom we work, as well as advising each individual on the options which can take their career in their chosen direction.

Karen Wilson
As a naturally inquisitive person I love the fact that we have incredible insight into a variety of organisations, their vision and their challenges. To advise in any meaningful way we have to gain trust at both a personal and commercial level. The responsibility is enormous and the opportunity to deliver is phenomenal. Seeing where we have really made a difference is so rewarding.

Tel:+44 20 7964 9127   
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