CIO Practice

Even a few years ago, the typical CIO was concerned mostly with IT infrastructure. Today's CIO works at a completely different level, with companies’ use of technology, data and communication often defining them and their ability to compete and succeed.

As a result, the CIO is a much more strategically critical individual in any leadership team than ever before and, in more than half of the cases we see, reports directly to the CEO.

Our CIO practice works with clients in all our sectors and in every geography where they need us. In particular, we have a recognised track record in financial services, industry, energy, consumer goods & services, BPO and TMC, globally.

We are specialists in identifying, selecting and recruiting executive talent that can help companies succeed in these sectors in a very fast-moving and fiercely competitive environment. Typical roles we work on include Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, IT Director, Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Cybersecurity Office, plus, of course, their direct reports.