50 For 50 - Celebrating Fifty Years

In July 1971, Hoggett Bowers was established as the first UK owned Search firm. The world, and with it the Search industry, has changed much in that time. Some changes have been predictable and some not. One thing which has remained constant has been the support, insight and advice which Hoggett Bowers has provided to clients and candidates as they have responded to the opportunities and challenges each change has brought. We felt the best way to sum up the past 50 years, as well as who we are, how we operate and what we deliver, was to ask those who have worked with us. We bring you ‘50 For 50’ – 50 quotes for 50 years!

“Happy 50th anniversary Hoggett Bowers! I have personally known Karen and the business for well over 10 years and in the guise of both candidate and client. It is quite a unique business in this space. The group takes it time to understand people, culture and organisations and on that basis gets much more right than it gets wrong. This considered and respectful (whilst responsive and communicative) approach helps both the candidate and client feel at ease and take confidence that this is all about a two-way fit. Karen and her team compound the sentiment post activity to ensure people have settled well, assumptions have materialised and that any much needed follow up is always there and very timely. A team that has always been a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin Moore CCO Greencore PLC, NED

“I have known Hoggett Bowers and in particular Karen for well over twenty years. During that time, she and the firm have helped me resolve many technical and leadership challenges across a number of businesses and sectors. When looking for a recruitment partner I needed something more than someone who can open doors and get meetings from the best (and sometimes elusive) candidates and someone who understands the business issues and culture I am working in. This could be an odd looking ‘out of sector’ appointment or a rising star not on other people’s radar, and Karen and her team have done this for me many times over the years.

In short, with Karen and the team, you get what all the top-drawer recruiters promise but also straight talking advice and challenge, a partner mindset and creative solutions – at a commercial cost rather than fixed fee percentages that do nothing to excite a Board, CEO or CFO.”

John Smith, ex Group HRD, Greene King

“I’ve worked with Hoggett Bowers over the last 20 years as both a candidate and client.  Throughout the period, I’ve found the team driven to get what is right for both the candidates and the clients and in doing so, becoming a trusted partner.”

Andrea Davis, Investcorp

“My personal experience of partnering with Hoggett Bowers is a long and pleasurable one, spanning over two decades. I started this journey as a client and I have always appreciated the direct contact and understanding of all the Head-hunters, especially from Karen Wilson, who I have come to know well. She understands individual strengths and connects you both as a client and a candidate to opportunities that you may not have been thinking about.

As a client Hoggett Bowers has helped me in my role of HRD achieve the organisations D&I objectives and provided me with a wonderful diversity of skills and talents that have boosted the Organisations capabilities. I love reading the 2-Minute weekly update and attending the network events particularly the HRD annual dinner. These are great opportunities to network and share learning in a wonderful environment.  I wish Hoggett Bowers all the success in the next 50 years and thank you for all the support you have given me to date. I look forward to working with you all in the future.”

Debbie Scola, People Director, Telecom Plus

“I have been working with Tariq and the Hoggett Bowers team for many years now, across different organisations and various roles. Their pace, passion for what they do, and partnership skills are superb. They have consistently delivered high quality short lists, pre-vetted and well prepared based upon clear requirements but, more importantly, tailored to the style of the organisation and me as a leader. This is all built around their broad and deep network of professionals in the markets they specialise in, but also the way they work to understand the cultural drivers and the people involved. Much appreciated, thank you to the team.”

Matt Kimber, Chief Risk Officer, Aon UK Limited & Chief Compliance Officer, Aon EMEA

“50 years is a pretty impressive heritage. A good milestone to celebrate. What sets Hoggett Bowers apart for me is the long-term nature of the relationship. I see my recruitment into the Anesco CEO role as a mid point along the journey. I knew David some years before this and our relationship has sustained in the subsequent period. I also benefited from support and advice in making a positive and effective start in my new position.”


Mark Futyan, CEO, Anesco

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hoggett Bowers for many years. Karen has an extensive network of both organisations and candidates across many different sectors. This is one of her unique talents, as a Search specialist she is able to consider candidates for roles that have deep subject matter expertise and are highly transferrable across different organisations and industries. She plays a key role in candidate care, ensuring that when presented to you as a client they are well briefed and informed.  If Karen cannot, for any reason, take on a mandate, she will not only tell you, but offer free advice and guidance on the best route to satisfy your requirements.

Karen has a “firm but fair” approach and is always 100% committed to delivering service excellence. She is a joy to work with, a commensurate professional, but also has a great sense of humour. I would always advocate and refer Hoggett Bowers across my network as an organisation of great integrity and commitment to deliver service excellence.”

Paul Awcock, former Head of Talent Acquisition (Financial Services, London Markets) 

“I’ve experienced Hoggett Bowers as both a candidate and as a recruiter and have always found them to be exceptionally high quality. As both a successful and unsuccessful candidate (!), the feedback they provide is first class and helpful. It’s also timely which is welcomed. On the recruiter side they put together a terrific brief, seek the best and most appropriate candidates and always include some to make you think, and they handle the process efficiently. They are one of my go-to headhunting specialists and I have no hesitation in recommending.”

Jemima Bird, Founder and CEO

“I put great value in my relationship with Simon. It has endured over many years, and he has always had my best interests at heart. He has extended my network, brokered introductions between firms and has been generous in sharing both his market insights and best practices in corporate governance. Between assignments, Simon has always been proactive at keeping in touch and has always been there when I needed help. In my experience I have known few professional advisors of Simon’s integrity and dedication to clients. There is much I could say… the tag line… one to keep and one to trust.”

Erik Bonino, former Chairman, Shell UK, currently Chairman, Bute Energy and NED Tokamak Energy

“Hoggett Bowers are professional, efficient and always dedicated to meeting the needs of their client. Having worked together for over seven years it’s the attention to detail, seamless organisation and feedback of candidate experience which makes a real difference.  The insight they provide both into our market and broader commercial challenges demonstrates their commitment to delivery and is just one of the reasons I would recommend them as a partner.  Congratulations on reaching your 50th Anniversary milestone, here is to many more yet to come!”

Susan Martindale, HR Director, Mitchells & Butlers plc

“I was prompted to reflect on my working experience over the years with Hoggett Bowers, as part of their 50th anniversary. It was a dawning realization that I am now old and have been in the financial services trade for a long time! My first interaction, which was with the founders, was in 1993 when I worked in Human Capital for the asset management arm of the Prudential Corporation. Hoggett Bowers were a go to adviser/provider for tight mandates in our market, and what stood out was their ability to understand the culture of the client, the nuances of a brief, and to filter candidates that would fit technically and culturally. That is the norm now, but it was not in 1993!

I am now the founder and CEO of a large platform and pension business, and recently utilized the specialist risk team at Hoggett Bowers to source a Chief Risk Officer. The experience was remarkably similar. They delivered quality insight, preparation, assessment and conversion in a supply tight market for quality. The bottom line for me, is over the nearly 30 years through which I have worked with them they provide great value, they do what they promise and they are fun to work with. I couldn’t give a higher accolade to a search partner, hence I will no doubt be doing this again when they are 60!”

Phil Smith, Group Chief Executive, Embark Group

“I have used Simon Musgrave as ‘sounding board’ for more than 20 years – reflecting on the executive talent market globally – with a specific focus on the energy business. This has provided a very useful context for further development of our HR strategies. His insight and integrity is always much appreciated.”

Jens R. Jenssen, Former EVP People & Organization, Statoil – now Equinor

“I was recruited to my role in Highways England by David Brown and I was very impressed by the professionalism of both David and the Hoggett Bowers team. The quality of service was excellent and very smooth. It has also been good to remain in contact with David over the last two years since I joined Highways England.”

Malcolm Dare, Executive Director, Commercial & Procurement, Highways England

“I have known and worked with Simon for around six years. He has carried out a number of key searches for our organisation including a country manager and project manager roles.  I have always appreciated his well informed and realistic approach – he understands the industry and the market well and is happy to share and discuss varying topics.  I enjoy our conversations and sharing insights about the world of work and life in general.”

Kate Lyne, EVP Group Human Resources, Subsea 7

“Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Over the years I’ve worked with Hoggett Bowers, and Karen in particular, on a number of assignments both as a client and as a candidate.  They have always demonstrated that they know their space and clients well, and you can always count on a full, frank and fair appraisal, and to “tell it like it is” which I’ve always appreciated.”

Ian Bull, NED, St Modwen

“What I have appreciated with Hoggett Bowers is their ability to listen and capture the clients problem and needs, and then to come back with innovative people solutions well suited to these needs.”

Jean-Michel Aubertin, Industrial Operating Advisor, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice

“I have been associated with Hoggett Bowers for nearly 20 years and for me they are the global standout Executive Search firm – No 1. Primarily, Hoggett Bowers have supported me as a client in the sourcing of interim and full-time executive roles.  Not only do they consistently source outstanding talents at pace, they also remain in touch throughout the process and afterwards with both the candidate and client to ensure all is working properly.  Their listening skills are exceptional and as a firm they are highly cognisant of the soft skills and competencies needed to fit within cultural transformations.

I have operated in several mission critical transformation environments, and they have never failed me.  Turning to a most prized element of Hoggett Bowers DNA they maintain and invest in client relationships year in and year out and it has fostered unequivocal trust and a deep-rooted partnership mindset.  Rupert Dobson walks on water for me. Happy 50th birthday – you have been a key part of my corporate and personal success.”

David Etherington, NED, Embark Group, former COO, Zurich Life

“I have been working with Hoggett Bowers both as candidate and client for over 20 years. As a candidate, I have always found a focused and professional interface, and some very exciting career opportunities in the form of quality and exciting clients. As a client I experience a deep partnership, a real understanding of our business and culture leading to successful appointments every time. Bravo and congratulations on your 50th Anniversary.”

Mel Zuydam, Group CFO, NDA

“It is great to work with individuals who really care and invest their time in getting to know our business and as a result develop a great match for our recruitment needs. Great people, delivered in a great way which underlines the approach taken by Hoggett Bowers.”

Roger Hunt, Chief of Business Services, AGS Airports Ltd

“Professional approach throughout the full virtual hiring process. Clear communication and friendly tone.”

Denelise L’Ecluse, MD Europe, BSI Standards

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Hoggett Bowers for over a decade.  We first met, rather appropriately, at the launch of my personal journey to create disability confidence in recruitment.  The first ever RIDI 100 recruiter, Karen and the team have taken every opportunity to increase their own knowledge and confidence as an inclusive employer but equally, and very generously enabled us to collectively share that knowledge across so many sectors and positively influence an inclusive candidate experience for all.  Congratulations Hoggett Bowers let us continue in partnership to change the world, just a little bit, every day.”

Kate Headley, Director, The Clear Company

“Congratulations to Hoggett Bowers on their 50th anniversary and best wishes for the next 50!  I’ve had lots of interaction with them for over 10 years now and have always found dealing with them a positive and enjoyable experience.  The genuine personal connection they make with individuals, whether as a candidate or client, is what sets them apart from so many others.  It’s a quality they bring at every stage of an assignment and I have appreciated it hugely.”

Tom Smith, Advisor, EDF Energy

“As a client-candidate I have a unique perspective and there are many reasons why my experiences with Hoggett Bowers can be described as outstanding. As a candidate their brilliant blend of (very human) challenge and support was welcome, helpful, stretching and ultimately successful. Strong communication and a relentless focus on the plan ultimately helped me land the job.

As a client and reflecting on a recent key hire, they demonstrated a deep understanding of the environment as well as the culture of our business and proved that they had an incredibly broad and deep network of talented candidates. It was clear that they had an incredible instinct for what fit and what did not. They had great ideas for the approach which included building strong diversity into the search, culminating in a very diverse shortlist. I have found that Hoggett Bowers drive each search with pace whilst providing a holistic and balanced view of individuals. Reading their search plans and reports, you know that a lot of work and consideration has gone into the project. In terms of their style, I trust them to represent both the business and the opportunity in a constructive and authentic way. They are a great strategic partner, and my trusted adviser for any key executive appointment.”

Karen Lewis, People Director, LNER

“50 years is quite a milestone and achievement in a tough sector – big congratulations to the Hoggett Bowers team.”

Barbara Jones, HRD Generation, EDF Energy

“I met Karen and her team at Hoggett-Bowers when I decided to move roles. I was so impressed with their ability to think about me as who I could be rather than what I had done. Throughout the process of moving to the Co-op, Karen ensured I was comfortable and I always felt that she had my best interests at heart. Since then, I have maintained a relationship with Karen and her team both as a client and on a personal level. This is one of my most valued relationships and I am very grateful to be working with such caring, networked and knowledgeable professionals.”

Shirine Khoury-Haq, CFO, The Co-operative Group  

“As a new interim to the market, Hoggett Bowers support in finding my first role was excellent. They took the time to understand my skills and aspirations to ensure fit and alignment with their clients’ needs. They were very clear on the brief of the roles and actively supported me through the whole process – ensuring a great result for both their client and me. Alongside this they are very personable, and it was a pleasure working with them.”

Dave Hudson, Senior Director IT Transformation, Ageas Insurance

“Karen and the team really invest the time and effort to fully understand what you are looking for. They help expand your thinking and have the networks and expertise to consistently deliver a strong and diverse choice of candidates.”

Simon Linares, NED, Nottingham Building Society

“When seeking out a Resourcing Partner for Executive roles, I look for someone who knows the market, takes time to learn more about our Company and culture, and doesn’t over promise and under-deliver. Hoggett Bowers, and in particular, David Brown, is my go-to in this space for a true partnering experience and the presentation of very credible candidates.”

Diane Thornhill, People Director UKIMEA, Arup

“Karen Wilson at Hoggett Bowers has been a true partner in helping me successfully recruit into numerous senior finance roles over the years in both the drinks and insurance sectors. The quality is very high on all the core requirements of the recruitment process including thorough long lists, high quality short lists with diverse and suitable candidates for each role, attention to detail throughout, fast response rates and in depth understanding of the profession as well as each candidate. The additional elements that stand out for me though are Karen’s knowledge on the general market, industry and specific country requirements. These, coupled with her knowledge of the business, role and candidates lead to really good challenge, sound advice and great hires.

In addition to recruitment, the updates, special events and topical roundtables organised by Hoggett Bowers are always of great interest from a personal learning perspective as well as networking opportunities. Karen and her team always deliver.”

Elisabeth Ibeson, Chief People Officer, Tokio Marine Kiln

“I have known Hogget Bowers for many years, and I have been represented by them as a candidate and I have used them to find candidates for me. In my experience, a search firm is only as good as the consultants working for them, how well they know the market and how much time they take to really get to know you. My relationship with Tariq Ghadie at Hogget Bowers has lasted almost a decade now and it is that patient capital and trust that is built up over all these years that makes all the difference for me.”

Feike Brouwers, Chief Risk Officer, Monument  

“I began working with Hoggett Bowers as a client in 2015, firstly on building senior capability within our major projects teams (within an Infrastructure organisation) and then on a number of Exec Director searches. What struck me from the onset and throughout was the care and attention placed on key relationships within the client organisation as well as the attention to detail which delivered a quality search service with excellent results. As a HRD I have worked with many search partners who I compare to the Hoggett Bowers standards of quality and professionalism. My relationship with David has remained strong despite moving organisations and roles and as is often the case, I have worked with him as a candidate too, benefitting from his integrity and professionalism once more, along with just the right amount of information and contact to make the candidate experience a positive one.

Well done to all at Hoggett Bowers for creating a service style that transcends the candidate/client status and instead focusses on the benefits of strong, trusting relationships.”

San Johal, Chief People officer, EDF

“Over the last three years we have worked extensively with Hoggett Bowers, and have a great relationship with Flemming, who has played a key role in helping us reshape and upweight both our UK and International businesses. Flemming has that great quality of knowing what questions to ask to elicit the key information to find the right candidate fit – not only in terms of skill-set but as importantly, cultural fit. We all really appreciate that he gets to know you and your business. The candidates he has found for us really are, simply put, first class – he has helped make us better!”

Jack Swaysland, SVP & COO International, Papa John’s Inc

“Hoggett Bowers’ success for half a century is based on the excellent people representing the firm; in my case I’ve had interactions with Flemming both as a candidate and as a client recruiter.  What is special is that some years after being placed by Flemming we have developed a good friendship and I see Flemming very much as a confidential sounding board and a really great listener.  He has been able to profoundly understand the dynamics of my firm from the outside looking in and that is some achievement.  Congrats on reaching this milestone!”

Sean Lowe, CEO, Atlas Hotels

“I have known Tariq for several years as both recruiter and candidate.  In both those roles, I have been extremely impressed by the high level of service provided.  I have been kept informed at all stages of the respective processes and really felt listened to, which has led to excellent fit of candidate to role.  I can also say that Tariq takes the time to keep up to date with me and my organisation’s needs, even when not dealing with a  “live” position.  Tariq has an extensive network which he is able to leverage to find the right candidate and the right role.  I value Tariq’s advice and I would recommend him to anyone either looking for a Risk and Compliance role or looking to hire into such a role.”

Iain Wright, Chief Risk Officer, Europe, Canada Life

“As a candidate, I was impressed by Rupert and the team at Hoggett Bowers Interim.  Concise but courteous, they never failed to return my calls or emails promptly and were always able to give me a straightforward answer on where we were in the recruitment process.  Sadly, this isn’t always the case in recruitment and for me it set Hoggett Bowers aside from the pack.

As a company, our experience of dealing with Rupert has been first class.  He engaged with the Board quickly but thoroughly to understand the context of the Interim brief and the investor’s needs and aspirations for the business.  He urged us to set clear success criteria from Day 1 so we could judge the success of the appointment in the future.  His service was flexible, supportive and focused on helping PALLITE® to succeed.”

Iain Hulmes, CEO, The Alternative Pallet Company Ltd.

“A trusted partner from both candidate and recruiter perspective. Having worked with Fiona, initially as a candidate, the support, brief and guidance was excellent, both professional and personable at the same time. Involving Hoggett Bowers in the search process for senior roles has been effortless, with a strong field of diverse candidates to the organisation and assessment. I look forward to many future opportunities to work together.”

Jonathan Cowie, Chief Operating Officer, Vivid Homes

“I have known the team at Hoggett Bowers for many years and recently was approached by one of the research team to discuss an opportunity that would have applied my experience to a very different sector. I was impressed at the level of research that had been undertaken and the clarity of thinking that led to those connections made. The opportunity progressed to the final stages and I wouldn’t have been part of the process if the research team, and Karen Wilson herself, hadn’t made the connections in my experience to this role. Karen was supportive and responsive in the process throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hoggett Bowers to others.”

Matt Britton, CFO, Get Living London

“I have known Hoggett Bowers, and particularly Fiona Landon, for many years. All of my dealings have been as a candidate and I have worked on two CFO assignments obtained through them. On both occasions, ahead of starting, they were very clear on the business need and key relationships. When on assignment, they have been responsive if I needed advice. And when in between roles Hoggett Bowers has regularly notified me of relevant opportunities. I highly recommend them.”

Paul Bergin, CFO, Newcross Healthcare

“I was extremely impressed with the engagement that I had with Karen from Hoggett Bowers during my recruitment to Northern. I felt very well appraised throughout the process and I had a strong feeling that Karen managed both her client and the candidates with an even hand. It was a great experience in what can be a challenging process for a candidate.”

Matt Williams, Finance, Director, Northern Rail

“I have had the pleasure of working with Flemming both as a candidate and as a client. Flemming has always shown a thoroughness coupled with integrity. He has an insightful approach which delivers exceptional results. Congratulations Hoggett Bowers on your 50th anniversary.”

Christian Rose, CEO, PowerLeague

“I’ve worked with Hogget Bowers in general and Fiona Landon specifically over a number of years and in a couple of different organisations. I think, whilst there are many excellent activities, Fiona has been especially great at keeping candidates warm and engaged whatever machinations we have been going through from a recruitment perspective. It’s great to deliver a “cracking shortlist” but to ensure that we remain front of mind for a candidate and their preferred option helps us to recruit the best.”

Duncan Short, Director of Resources, Vivid Homes

“My first senior search assignment took place an astonishing 35 years ago– recruiting for a Head of Finance in a small factory in the West Country. I was an incredibly young and raw HR professional (and Karen Wilson was an incredibly* young Search Advisor). I didn’t know the ropes and got my first sense of the thoroughness and complete dedication that Karen brought to ensure we found the right person. Since then Karen and the wider team at Hoggett Bowers have never let me down, working through some big challenges and hairy moments to FTSE 100 level Board appointments. It has built the kind of deep and honest relationship that is often hard to find in these days.

As my work has broadened out across a strategic issues from diversity to innovation to the challenges facing the low paid, I have found that the team at Hoggett Bowers have always been prepared to put their shoulder to the wheel. And whilst I know that Karen herself will sometimes regard my thinking as a little left field, (she is never afraid to tell me what she really thinks), she will always lend a hand, lend her thoughts and lend her team to help ensure that the biggest of ideas get delivered, and clients whoever they are, are left happy.

It is for all these reasons that I would describe Karen as  ‘the ultimate trusted advisor’, and it is this quality – so easily spoken of, but so hard to deliver – year in year out  – that marks out Karen from the rest. I am looking forward to our next assignment together.”

Norman Pickavance, CEO Tomorrow’s Co (previously Group HRD Morrisons)

“I have had the privilege of working with Rupert Dobson and Hoggett Bowers for well over ten years. In that time, they have found several excellent senior interim assignments for me in both media and property, all of which were extended and led to permanent job offers. Rupert is the consummate executive recruiter. Always helpful, informed, focused, and practical, I value our professional relationship and rely on his wise counsel. More broadly, Hoggett Bowers is the kind of recruitment firm you want in your address book, taking away any frustrations in securing a role, I genuinely look forward to working with Rupert and Hogget Bowers in the years to come and continue our winning streak of finding and securing the most interesting interim assignments. Happy 50th!”

Simon Leadbetter, Chief Marketing Officer

“I have found working with David Brown of Hoggett Bowers a rewarding and positive experience. As I moved from executive to non-executive work David was hugely helpful in explaining the new landscape and introduced me to my first role in this space. I have had no hesitation in recommending Hoggett Bowers to other colleagues going through similar transitions.”

David Waboso, NED, EDF Energy

“I was referred to Hoggett Bowers by a colleague of mine. I had only had one other experience of an executive search process with another company before this and I was not impressed with the outcome, so I was sceptical to start with. From the first interaction with the team I could tell this was different.

The whole process is designed to limit the amount of time you have to spend on search and selection, and to only put the most qualified people in front of you. After we successfully recruited for a very senior role I asked if Hoggett Bowers could help with an interim role placement for another senior position. I am delighted to say both candidates are now working at ILG full time and have gotten off to a great start. I am delighted with the outcome, I will certainly work with Hoggett Bowers again and would be very happy to recommend them to anyone.”

Mike Stephenson, Managing Director, ILG

“I first engaged with Hoggett Bowers and Rupert Dobson in 2013, initially as a candidate. In the eight years since, they have stood out as a beacon of excellence in a sea of mediocrity. Hoggett Bowers is different. As Hoggett Bowers celebrates a landmark anniversary, I would assert there are six key elements behind their enduring success and my ongoing and engaging relationship with Rupert:

  • Trusted, long-term relationships are developed with both candidates and clients, relationships built on reliability and integrity. Hoggett Bowers values relationships above revenues.
  • The Firm never loses sight of the fact that we are born with two ears and one mouth. They listen well, ensuring attention to the smallest details and a thorough understanding of a brief and a client’s requirements.
  • It never feels another buyer-supplier relationship. Hoggett Bowers recognises that, in the long-term, they can only be successful if their clients succeed. This reinforces a partnership philosophy that is rare in executive recruitment.
  • Deep financial services industry knowledge and functional expertise enable Hoggett Bowers to assess the market effectively, as well as communicate with candidates and clients alike on marketplace developments or industry initiatives.
  • An uncompromising approach ensures the selection of high-quality candidates, ones that not only meet the technical requirements of the role, but also deliver a strong cultural fit.
  • A straight-talking, open and transparent approach ensures both clients’ and candidates’ expectations are managed effectively.”
Martin White, Chief Marketing Officer

“Fiona Landon was excellent and very patient in quite trying circumstances which helped to keep me on board and select this assignment versus another one received at the same time.”

Helen Cooper, Interim Consultant

“Fiona Landon has an exceptional talent in connecting client’s requirements with candidate’s background through in-depth assessment of the candidate’s skills and experience. She was thorough, professional and organised during the whole recruitment process and was always keeping me informed on progress. Moving on from candidate to now client, I will most definitely seek her expertise in future resourcing in my organisation.”

Lawrence Loganathan, Engineering, Planning, Strategy & Assurance Consultant

“I have known Alistair for over 10 years, and he has been responsible for identifying, engaging and securing some of the best talent in the energy space for me and my team. His combined depth of market knowledge and decades of experience has proved invaluable when establishing realistic expectations for candidate selection and integration. He has consistently delivered on challenging assignments across the globe and always maximised the benefits of undertaking an external search. He was good enough to introduce me to an investor which resulted in my first NED position at Atlantic Petroleum. Alistair is extremely professional, personable and a pleasure to work with.”

Yves Paletta – CEO – Clearstream Energy

“I have had the pleasure of working with Karen and the team at Hoggett Bowers since 2011 when we met at the launch of the Recruitment industry disability initiative (RIDI) on a memorable night at BT Centre.  Since that time Hoggett Bowers have become a leading ambassador for diversity and specifically disability confidence in their sector, sharing their commitment across their highly influential client base.  It is not surprising that the Clear Company and Hoggett Bowers have, over the years shared many opportunities to push back boundaries with our collective networks and hopefully continue to change the world a little bit together every day.  I congratulate Hoggett Bowers on achieving Clear Assured Sliver Standard, on becoming the first Executive Search Firm to engage publicly with RIDI and most of all for continuing to ask for support, stretch their own thinking, including the Clear Company inclusive hiring digital programme to and encourage learning and awareness amongst others.”

Kate Headley, Director, the clear company

“We have worked with Hoggett Bowers over a number of years on both the interim and permanent front. We have found Karen and the team very responsive. They have delivered strong candidates across a various roles and functions, who have subsequently fitted well into our organisation. Understanding our needs and advising accordingly has been a key aspect of the service and much appreciated.” 

Mark Thurston, CFO, Endava
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