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Livestream: Dialling Into the Future of Work

Dialling in to the Future of Work

Hoggett Bowers sponsored a highly topical livestream discussion on the Future of Work.

Our aim with this discussion is to highlight for boards the opportunities which have arisen and will continue to arise from the impact of Covid-19.

Central to a lot of the change is technology. Technology has enabled organisations and employees to continue working during strict lockdown and in many cases accelerated positive change.

We were delighted to have the livestream hosted by Dave Coplin, the former Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft UK and founder of The Envisioners. 

To enrich the discussion further we invited three panellists to share their experiences, learnings and views from this period of disruption and to discuss the many opportunities which lie ahead for businesses. 

Our panellists on the day were:

Susan Hooper, plural Chair and Non-executive Director

Paul Forman, CEO – Essentra plc

Oliver Tant, CFO – Imperial Brands plc

The new mindset of work

Work is not a destination – work is activity and knowledge. Embrace this mindset and change will follow. Whilst not all activities in an organisation can be performed anywhere, many can, and technology enables that.  

Oliver Tant talks about the future of work and the evolving role of the office.

How to evolve your culture

Trust, trust, trustBuild a culture based on trust and role model behaviours, wherever you work. Build it with purpose from the bottom up, communicate and be clear about accountability to inspire trust at all levels.

Paul Forman shares his views on the need to ensure organisations are outcome focussed at all levels.

Look after your people

The importance of wellbeing. Once the physical wellbeing and safety of teams was assured, businesses have increased their focus on mental wellbeing and understanding of the social fabric of the organisation. 

Paul Forman discusses the need for leaders to evolve in the way they think about employee emotional wellbeing short and long term.

Take care of your customers

Organisations have been able to build deeper relationships with their customers. Always understand the mindset of, and any lasting change, in the behaviour of your customers. With this knowledge, make it your sole purpose to ensure your customers choose you as a partner, to buy your products or your services.

Susan Hooper on how to understand and respond to changes in consumer behaviour.

Take the time to find the right hybrid model of work

Do we retire the office? Living through this change in business has presented many extreme scenarios, embrace the positives! Organisations must find the right hybrid model which improves their business. This means change across ways of working, office space, collaboration and skills.

Susan Hooper shares her thoughts on the role of the office in the future.

Keep moving forward

This is the beginning of a new era for businesses. Take the best of what this crisis has changed. Engage with the positive changes and build on them to create new and visionary best practices which makes your organisation more effective.

Oliver Tant talks about growth mindset and embracing these developments fully, in order to make the most of work in future.

Watch the full “Dialling into the Future of Work” Livestream here:

A full list of short clips from the livestream can be found here HB Live Stream Playlist

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Hoggett Bowers are very grateful to Susan Hooper, Oliver Tant and Paul Forman for contributing.

A special thank you to Dave Coplin, Founder of theenvisioners.com for hosting this livestream. For over 25 years, Dave has provided strategic advice and guidance around the impact of technology on a modern society in order to help organisations and individuals envision the full potential that technology has to offer. To see more from Dave, visit his You Tube channel The Rise of the Humans.