The pace of business transformation over the past decade has been unprecedented. And nowhere has that change been more keenly felt than in the world of the CFO. What were once backroom professionals are now centre-stage business enablers. Hoggett Bowers’ CFO practice recognises the critical importance of and increasing reliance on gold-standard CFOs and senior financial management to today’s rapidly evolving companies.

Sourcing financial talent

We work to identify the most talented, resourceful, forward-thinking professionals in this area, knowing that every enterprise is unique, with vastly different requirements and priorities. When it comes to making senior financial appointments, one size most definitely does not fit all.

Indeed, Hoggett Bowers’ unique cross-sector perspective means that we are able to find the ideal candidates for specific CFO roles wherever they may be – bringing a level of creative thinking to the search and recruitment processes that other consultancies would struggle to match.

Vast experience in search for and recruiting CFOs

And of course, every great CFO needs first-class support. Hoggett Bowers has vast experience in search and recruitment for other key financial executive roles, too – such as group financial controllers, divisional FDs, tax, treasury, internal audit, and investor relations, corporate finance management.

We understand that the CFO is often the ‘co-pilot’ to the CEO. This means providing a delicate balance of being a ‘critical friend’ to help guide and support, and providing the tools for commercial decision-making, while ensuring that compliance and governance remain at the core. Being a truly effective CFO today requires a rare combination of professional and personal qualities – and the skill of the search consultant or recruiter is therefore paramount.

Case Studies

Why Hoggett Bowers?

Our CFO practice has always been central to Hoggett Bowers. We work with many of the best-known organisations in the FTSE, as well as overseas listed companies and private equity entities, and have an industry-leading track record of fulfilment – consistently demonstrating the ability to successfully “cross-pollinate” talent between different sectors of the market.

Unlike other consultancies, we match our deep, sector-specific knowledge to your recruitment requirements. Our CFO practice is staffed by some of the most experienced financial search and recruitment consultants in the business. They bring the widest possible business perspective to C-level finance – understanding how these critical roles intersect with and complement other board-level functions. It’s this combination of real-world expertise, up-to-the-minute market intelligence, and resourceful thinking that really sets Hoggett Bowers apart.

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