Technology represents both the biggest source of opportunity and the most significant potential danger to every business today. The roles of Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer are only increasing in importance as a consequence.

Even comparatively recently, the typical CTO/CIO was concerned chiefly with IT infrastructure. Now they work at a completely different level, with every organisation’s use of technology, data, and communication defining both its place in the world, as well as its ability to compete and succeed.

The incessant drive for innovation – as a business enabler, as a market differentiator, and as a means of maximising revenue or profit – is only one of the imperatives driving commercial technologists.

Barely a day passes without news of the latest cyber-risks ranged against organisations. And while the threat of extortion, fraud, or simple mischief are constant realities, the CTO/CIO’s role as corporate protector is paramount.

As a result, the CTO/CIO is a more strategically important individual in any leadership team than ever before and, in the vast majority of cases, will report directly to their company’s CEO.

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Why Hoggett Bowers?

Hoggett Bowers’ CIO team works with clients in each of our core sector practices in the UK and worldwide. We are recognised as best-in-class recruiters for CTO/CIO roles in financial services, industry, energy, consumer goods & services, and business process outsourcing.

Our team are specialists in identifying, selecting and recruiting the senior technology executives to help companies succeed in a hyper-fast, fiercely competitive environment. Typical assignments include Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, IT Director, Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Cybersecurity Officer, in addition to their direct reports.

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