High street commerce is facing unprecedented challenge. Yet amid the uncertainty and turmoil, consumer businesses with vision and purpose continue to thrive – and to drive innovation. Hoggett Bowers is at the vanguard of the consumer economy, working with companies of all sizes throughout their evolution.

The increasing importance of supply chain and logistics to every transaction – whether via bricks and mortar retail or e-commerce fulfilment – has opened up important areas of opportunity. The rapid growth of the hospitality and dining sector has brought new trends and tastes to the supermarket. Revolutionary direct-to-consumer and subscription models are remaking the market in home- and personal-care products. Disruption is all around.

The ability to navigate these cross-currents and make sense of the ongoing transformation is what characterises senior executives in today’s consumer businesses. They must be adaptable and forward-thinking, with the ability to manage organisations where change is a constant. They must be able to look beyond their own orbit to learn from other industries and sectors. They must possess the human qualities that define true leadership.

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Why Hoggett Bowers?

Our Consumer executive recruitment practice is characterised by a hard-headed appreciation of challenges and opportunities in the market, coupled with flexible, creative thinking. We have earned a reputation for finding the most effective solutions to our clients’ needs rather than simply the most expedient.

We believe each assignment demands genuine insight. Our team includes consultants who have had senior level careers on the client side, whose hands-on knowledge is invaluable both in understanding what the client actually wants, and in maintaining extensive sector networks.

Our Consumer team delivers assignments for senior executive and non-executive roles, both permanent and interim, in all the major board-level functions, from general management, finance, sales & marketing to supply chain, HR and IT.

We are active across a broad range of sub-sectors in the UK and globally, with particular expertise in:

  • High-street retail
  • Branded/private label food & beverages
  • Beauty & personal care
  • Sport, health & well-being
  • Travel, leisure & hospitality
  • Gaming
  • Consumer technology
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