Financial Services

Never has there been a more exhilarating yet demanding time to be working in the Financial Services sector. In the decade since the financial crash, the landscape has been utterly transformed – with new players, new opportunities and new challenges to be faced.

The huge and ongoing importance attached to risk management and regulatory compliance has brought fundamental organisational change to every Financial Services enterprise, with new specialisms and skillsets required across the board – from systems and operations to market compliance, reporting, cybercrime mitigation, and business development.

In Retail Banking, new entrants arrive in the market almost every week, while the advent of Open Banking platforms have placed unprecedented technology and power in the hands – literally – of consumers, transforming relationships and elevating expectations.

Technology and service define an increasing number of roles throughout the sector, and the labour market is more competitive than at any time in memory, bringing a healthy focus on corporate culture and talent retention. Financial Services companies have been swift to recognise that understanding their employees’ values and aspirations – as well as incorporating meaningful policies on diversity and inclusion – is as important as salary packages and perks in shaping purposeful organisations that can succeed and endure over the long-term.

Case Studies

Why Hoggett Bowers

Hoggett Bowers’ has been at the cutting edge of the Financial Services industry for nearly 50 years and is active in 65 countries around the world. Our specialist search and recruitment practice operates a matrix-style model that’s designed to meet clients’ most exacting assignments efficiently and effectively.

Within the market-leading Hoggett Bowers events programme, we offer specific Financial Services breakfast and roundtable events designed to share expert insight among our network of clients, candidates and partners. Further details of past and upcoming events are available here.

We are adept at handling briefs from financial businesses of all sizes, from global corporations to challengers and start-ups – with particular emphasis on retail banking, consumer finance, and insurance. Our search and recruitment activity covers the full range of functional specialisms within Financial Services, including:

  • Business & financial management
  • Regulation, compliance & risk
  • Organisational transformation
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Customer experience
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Specialist technology