The increasing complexity of the 21st-Century business environment, coupled with unprecedented competition in every conceivable market and sector, has elevated Human Resources to one of the core senior executive functions – alongside business operations, finance, and technology.

As the workforce becomes ever-more diverse in terms of specialist skillset, generational make-up, national origins and individual aspirations, senior HR professionals play a pivotal role in establishing, maintaining, and developing the positive culture that organisations need if they are to thrive and grow.

There has never been a more challenging and rewarding time for HR executives. Issues relating to diversity, equality and inclusion; new legislation covering every aspect of employee data; uncertainty surrounding migrant employment; the evolving requirements for training, apprenticeship, and internship – these are just a handful of the concerns that fall within the scope of HR today. Hoggett Bowers is at the forefront of search in this dynamic, business-critical arena.

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Why Hoggett Bowers?

Hoggett Bowers’ HR executive recruitment practice is as important to our company as it is to yours. Our team are renowned for their experience, effectiveness and empathy. We get results. We help you make the appointments that make the difference to your organisation.

Our HR specialists work on behalf of many of the biggest and most successful companies in the UK and internationally, and we are proud of our track record – consistently demonstrating the ability to think beyond the obvious and connect clients with the very best candidates – wherever they may be.

Our HR practice is staffed by some of the most experienced search and recruitment consultants in the business. We bring the widest possible business perspective to C-level HR issues, understanding how these increasingly critical roles intersect with and complement other senior executive functions. It’s this combination of real-world expertise, up-to-the-minute market intelligence, and creative problem-solving that sets Hoggett Bowers apart.

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