Industry is complex and diverse by definition – and in today’s hugely competitive, globalised economy, the challenges are often profound. Against this background, Hoggett Bowers’ Industry practice offers market-leading connectivity and insight, with the reassurance that comes from decades of search and recruitment experience in the UK and internationally.

In the Energy sector, decarbonisation is seeing entire business models transformed, as the rise of renewables and commensurate decline in fossil fuel usage reshape generation, distribution and supply.

Likewise in Automotive, the move away from petroleum-based to electric battery and hybrid engines is accelerating. Coupled with the growth in new charging infrastructure, this signals a new epoch in design, manufacturing, maintenance, and consumer behaviour. Soon, the advent of driverless technology will shift things even further, while the demise of diesel presents short-term supply chain issues for vehicle makers.

After several decades of industry-wide change, utilities now face a new wave of powerful disruption from political intervention and progressive new technologies, to ever-increasing customer and shareholder performance expectations.

At the same time, converging pressures such as asset modernisation, an ageing workforce and growing demand for affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable provision of water, electricity and gas present immense challenges that companies can only solve through lean, effective operations.

Supply chain considerations dominate in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors, too. Whether it’s ensuring the extraction and smooth passage of aggregates and bulk materials, or manufacturing hi-tech electronic systems to custom order and on precise schedule, these are finely balanced systems that require considerable expertise and imagination from key executives.

In Transport, key assets are nearing the end of their lifespan as consumer demands on ageing networks are only increasing. Debates on ownership and stewardship are ongoing. And the new urgency surrounding all matters environmental means the pressures to invest, upgrade, improve and renew are immense.

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Why Hoggett Bowers?

Hoggett Bowers’ Industry executive recruitment practice is the largest component in our consultancy and has been integral to our consultancy since the start.

We work with global, national, and local industrial names in the UK and around the world, fulfilling their search and recruitment needs at C-level and key executive grades across a broad range of sectors and disciplines. In addition, our Industry specialists are fully integrated with Hoggett Bowers Interim practice, enabling us to fulfil clients’ emergent or short-term needs smoothly and effectively.

Our Industry practice is very broadly based, operating nationally and globally with particular expertise in:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Construction & Building Materials
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Waste Management & Recycling/Renewal
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