Many companies place increasing importance on psychometric assessment in making senior appointments, as well as on-boarding and development. Hoggett Bowers believes that these types of evaluation have the greatest value when conducted by independent specialists – meaning that insights gathered through the process are underpinned by robust methodology while providing the reassurance of complete impartiality.

HLC Discovery

Our partnership with Hughes Lewis Consulting, who use “The Discovery Process” based assessment, enables us to offer the most effective selection, screening, and assessment programmes currently available. Comprehensive reports equip clients to select the best candidates for key roles based on their values, behaviours, emotional intelligence and leadership qualities.

For clients’ convenience, our role is to act as the main point of contact and present the final written report on their preferred candidates; however we remain independent from the compilation and interpretation of the expert assessments, ensuring maximum objectivity.

Should the Hoggett Bowers/HLC Discovery service be relevant to your needs, we will be pleased to provide further details of the assessment options.

SOFOS Associates

SOFOS Associates is London’s first personal “cognitive optimisation” clinic.

Traditional learning and development methods typically focus on skill acquisition and behaviour change. SOFOS Associates focuses on improving the brain’s functionality to drive performance at Board level. Curating a range of disciplines from functional medicine, psychological techniques and neuroscience the programme focuses on Clients’ “brain health” to deliver ‘pioneering’ performance enhancement.

“Leveraging the full power of the brain to achieve whatever the individual wants to achieve is closer in reach”

In an executive setting, little is currently undertaken to develop cognitive ability, despite how important this is to success. Organisations (and individuals) spend millions of pounds and dedicate huge amounts of time and resource to professional development, but limit this to skill acquisition and behaviour change. However, this approach rarely impacts the real driver of performance – brain function.

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