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Working With You

Whoever we are dealing with, be they clients or candidates, we treat everyone with warmth and respect. We challenge when necessary and offer counsel when appropriate.


We have a rich mix of clients who have worked with us over a long time reflecting the speed with which we learn about their businesses and earn their trust as a long term recruitment partner. Sometimes clients have been former candidates or they have been introduced to us by their colleagues or other clients; we move with our clients as they move between organisations.

Irrespective of how or why, whether it is an individual or a group within a large organisation, we treat everyone in the same way. We listen well, we challenge appropriately, we conduct ourselves with probity and always in a professional manner. Ultimately though, our clients prefer to work with us because we deliver.


We receive great feedback from our candidates. We do what we say we are going to do. What does this mean? We reply to all your communication in a timely way and we give you honest feedback after meetings.

We do this in a supportive and constructive way (we're told we are the “warmest” Search firm). We keep you informed throughout an assignment and we get back to you with a decision or with feedback as soon as we receive it. Believe it or not, we are told this differentiates us from our competitors!!


Client Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

  • "I appreciated very much to be re-contacted many months after my first meetings with Hoggett Bowers in London for a job opportunity matching my competencies and experience. Interactions with everyone were very pleasant and professional."

    Very pleasant and professional, Industry

  • "Good interview technique, coaching and regular feedback. Much appreciated."

    Good interview technique

  • "Andrew Dawson, supported by his PA, was very professional. In my recent experience of the recruitment industry that is of itself quite unusual."

    Consultant - Very professional

  • "Overall I found the process to be one of the most professional of any recruitment company I have talked with or been in contact with from an employee & employer prospective"

    One of the most professional, Consumer

  • "I found Peter to be very knowledgeable about the client company. Throughout I felt he wanted the right outcome for both the client and myself. Whilst I appreciate that I was one of a number of candidates, it didn't feel that way in the manner with which he handled our conversations."

    The consultant offered good counsel

  • "Both Simon and his PA were very proactive in communicating with me, keeping me briefed and updated at all times, as well as providing valuable input, constructive and objective feedback on myself and the clients expectations."

    Consultant communication

  • "Tim Janman was the consultant - he provided an excellent brief, kept me informed at each stage of the process and was very supportive."

    Supportive Consultant, Industry

  • "I was grateful for the feedback received. The more direct the feedback the better to ensure improvement."

    Grateful for the feedback, Consumer

  • "I really liked the very regular feedback and way I was kept fully up to date throughout the process. I also felt that Simon was really on my side. Although it was a very long process – it was very well managed."

    Good process with a good result, Industry

  • "Information, documentation, process, prep, interviews and follow up were better than what I have so far experienced in my career."

    Best process so far

Client Practices

To meet our Clients' needs most accurately, our consultants work in practices defined by industries and functions, many of whom have had prior executive-level experience. Team work is critical to our way of working so often a sector expert will be accompanied by a colleague, often a functional specialist, to offer the greatest combination most appropriate for the client's requirements.

Submit a CV

We never underestimate the power of the network. Please submit your CV so we know who you are and what you have done. We will treat your CV with respect. We will only use it for our internal knowledge bank and will not share it externally unless you are part of an assignment (Interim or Permanent) and we agree with you beforehand.

Note: You can select multiple files for upload by holding the Command or Control key (Mac or Windows, respectively) while selecting files.